Hi, my name is Chris Aldred, a few years ago, I set out on a personal journey to become an instructor, as I wanted to share my fishing skills. I have had lots of lessons to achieve this, attended numerous fairs and many continual personal development days.

I have travelled across Europe fly fishing and have arrived at a point now where I hold the highest single-handed casting qualification in the UK and the world(APGAI and IFFF MCI). I am also a qualified APGAI Double-Handed Instructor and IFFF Two-Handed Casting Instructor, as well as a qualified Fly Dressing Instructor, and I have tied and taught at numerous public events, game fairs and shows.

I am proud to be a member of the G.Loomis Pro Guide team here in the Uk, as well as a member of the Ballistic Speylines Pro Staff team worldwide.To test any G.Loomis rod or and Ballistic Speylines please contact me via this website

So, if you are looking for top quality, up to date tuition, taught in a friendly, relaxed manner, I can help you improve your casting skills and fishing knowledge.

G.Loomis Pro Guide | APGAI Single & Double-Handed Casting Instructor | FFF MCI & THCI | GAIC Fly Dressing Instructor | ADB Level 1 Coach

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